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Updated site romanization. The circumflex accent mark is now removed, the Yinqu sonorants will now use h- to represent the pre-initial glottal stop. Also, [O] is now romanized with ao, instead of the former au.

Romanization updated. Front and back AN are now "an" and "aun" respectively.
Added Listen section. Check out 《萨额世界》 talkshow program in the listening section.

We are still in the process of updating the site, please be patient with us. Thanks.
Contact address: sh [at]

New layout. Many links currently do not work or are under construction. Please visit the forum in the meantime.

A more user-friendly BBS is finally up.
Guest posting is no longer available, you will have to register before posting. Registration takes 30 seconds. The forum is multilingual; users from China will be in a Chinese language environment, while others will have English. Forum language environment can be changed in the navigation bar before you register and in the User CP after you register. Topics are separated into English and Chinese. Please contact us if you wish to moderate the forums.

Server switch complete.

Modified the Romanization section to be a bit more intuitive and colorful, audio files will be added soon. Made some minor changes to the Introduction section as well. Thank you for the great photos.

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